The Top 5 Benefits of Massage Therapy

If you’re someone who has an interest in alternative/natural health treatments as opposed to traditional medical treatments, Massage Therapy might be something of interest to you. Massage is beneficial for mental and physical health, where the hands are used to heal the … Read More

Treating an Acute Injury – Massage Therapy

An acute injury is a sudden, sharp, traumatic injury that causes pain. Acute injuries can result from a fall, strained muscles, a sprain, collision etc. Acute injuries can be painful and problematic without proper care and therefore most often individuals will seek … Read More

Relaxation vs. Deep Tissue Massage

What exactly is a Relaxation Massage? Relaxation Massage may also be called Swedish Massage or Swedish Relaxation Massage. This is the type of massage that’s most popular in movies, TV shows, and printed advertisements. When people think of a massage, … Read More

Massage Therapy-Booking Appointments

Knowledge is Power As mentioned earlier, ABM College has a great 88-week Massage Therapy program led by qualified instructors. After completed the program you will have a diploma in Massage Therapy. Part of the program includes hand-on training and clinical … Read More

Need a Massage?

Our Massage Therapy Students at ABM College need you! Our students need help fulfilling their practicum on their way to being licensed massage therapists are accepting new clients for discounted massages! You can make an appointment with them by calling … Read More