4 Awesome Tech Devices for Elder Care

Conventional wisdom dictates that technology is a tough sale to the elderly. While that may be true, one would presume that their (younger) caregivers are more open-minded about it. With the emergence of big data, cloud-based platforms and mobile computing, … Read More

How to Survive a Recession

We have all heard the term “recession” lately and I know that some people are wondering, what does the term “recession” really mean and how does it affect us as Calgarians? A recession is when our economy’s growth decreases and … Read More

Who Will Care for Canada’s Elderly?

Seniors represent the fastest growing age group in Canada. The 2011 census reported that almost 15% of Canadians were 65 years or older, and this population is expected to double by 2036, while the number of those over 80 is expected to quadruple … Read More

Dementia in Canada

Dementia is an increasing health issue in Canada. As our largest segment of the population, the baby boomers continue to age over the next few decades; this health issue will continue to magnify. Family members are the first line of … Read More

What Exactly is Home Health Care?

Health Care Aide Our new Health Care Aide students begin their program at ABM College this week! This is an exciting time for these students and we wish them all the best on their journey in becoming Health Care Aide’s! … Read More

Alzheimer’s Disease, reduce the risk

The MIND diet has been linked to significant reduction of the risk of development of Alzheimer’s, researchers announced. Professor Martha Clare Morris and her team combined elements of the Mediterranean diet with elements of DASH — a diet aimed at … Read More

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