Mental Health Services– ABM College is connected with different agency around the area that provides mental health services.   One of our active partners is the Calgary Mental Health Association (CMHA).   Please visit the link for more information of their services:

Individual / Group Counselling-  ABM College has an in-house counsellors providing counselling for individuals and group.  Any clinical cases are referred to community resources available for everyone.  Like:

Calgary Distress Centre:

Calgary Mental health Association :

ABM College also advocate for the Mental Health Awareness Campaign, the campaign is usually partner with the Calgary Mental Health Association. 

Individual/ Group Counseling- the college has a trained counselor who can provide basic counseling support the current students.  The main objective of the counseling session/s is to help the students explore the available solution options.   Any serious or clinical problem presented during the counseling session, the counselor refer the students to the different non-profit organizations or different government institutions that provides counseling or clinical interventions.