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We are currently offering the following programs for international students: 

ABM College is proud to work with International Students to help them achieve their educational goals that lead into rewarding careers. Work with an International Student Coordinator to find out what requirements, costs and application procedures you need to qualify. We have student intake on a monthly basis, so contact us today! We can help you with:

  • College Services
  • Career Advice (Changes to your study plan)
  • Challenges you may encounter in your class, your program, student life or outside the college
  • International Student Advising
  • Social Activities
  • Housing Information as requested
  • Cross-Cultural Counseling
  • International Student Orientation Program

ABM College and Olds College Partnership


ABM College is pleased to announce a two year joint diploma program with Olds College. The program, starting in June 2017, will require enrolled students to complete their first year of study at ABM College, and their second at Olds College. The program of study will remain the same at both colleges, and students will have the opportunity to study in two uniquely different environments.

Students will have the opportunity to experience a truly Canadian education, with stints in both the busy and vibrant city of Calgary, and the peaceful rural community of Olds:

 With 1.2 million inhabitants, Calgary is Alberta’s most populous city. A growing hub of business, education and entertainment, Calgary also possesses a thriving multicultural identity due its large and diverse immigrant population. The heartland of Alberta, the Town of Olds is known for its stunning botanic gardens, its long and tumultuous history, and a good dose of “old- fashioned hospitality”.

Who Should Enroll?

This program is designed to meet the needs of international students looking to start a career in the Canadian business industry and foreign mid-level employees seeking to enhance their professional expertise in the Canadian business environment.

Enrolling in our joint Business Administration Program with Olds College could be your ticket to a successful business career in Canada!

Job Opportunities:

  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Event Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management


In today’s competitive global business market it has become more and more challenging to make it up the corporate ladder. Thousands of graduates enter into the job market every year; without comparable qualifications you may find it difficult to break into the market or to progress in your career. The first year of the Business Administration program at ABM College is designed to provide you with a firm foundation of business principles and the right skill set to improve your career options.

Our program offers students grounding in essential business concepts, analytical tools, and the management concepts required to effectively operate within contemporary business settings. At ABM College you not only learn the latest management trends and theories but are also offered the opportunity to apply them within real-life settings.

To ensure that our students have practical experience within the industry, this program also includes an optional 240 hours practicum. By the end of the first year of the program, you will be well equipped with the practical and academic tools necessary to successfully meet the challenges of today’s global business market.

YEAR 1 – Academic Outline:

  • Develop student understanding of basic business concepts and functional areas including: marketing, human resources, and financial accounting and taxation
  • Develop student skills in business development practices, e.g. preparing business research and subsequently integrating it into the practices of an organization
  • Teach students to identify and effectively use business tools and strategies within a working environment, e.g. time management, team-building, negotiation, and conflict resolution
  • Develop student understanding of effective written and oral business communication, e.g. effectively convey policies, strategies, and procedures throughout an organization
  • Develop student understanding of the functional principles required to formulate organizational strategies

Course Components:

The first year of this diploma program consists of a total of 1270 hours of class room instructions.

The program features components as follows:

  1. Microsoft Office Suite
  2. Business Communication
  3. Marketing
  4. Economics
  5. Human Resources Management
  6. Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting
  7. Financial Accounting
  8. Introduction to Personal and Corporate Taxation
  9. Management Accounting
  10. Introduction to Computerized Accounting Quick Books and Simply Accounting Software
  11. Business Management Group Project
  12. Starting your own business
  13. Resume Writing and Professional Skills
  14. Practicum


Develop your business skills to the next level with the second year of the Business Administration diploma. After completion of the first year Certificate at ABM College, students will be returning to complete the second year of the Business Administration diploma at Olds College. 

Olds College provides business students with a unique learning opportunity and experience.  It is one of the first Colleges in Canada to offer students progressive learning programs.

Project-based learning is about taking theory to practice and learning about different subjects simultaneously.  This is achieved through the completion of semester long, real-world projects where students work alongside of business owners and clients identifying business problems through research and the development of meaningful and effective solutions supported by evidence. This type of learning provides the learning environment that assists in effective knowledge transfer into the workplace and promotes “in demand”, 21st century skills.  It also provides the students with invaluable hands-on learning experience and mentorship from business owners.  “In project-based learning, the learning is the project.”

YEAR 2 – Academic Outline:

  • Teach students to communicate with stakeholders and apply strategic leadership skills to achieve personal and organizational objectives.
  • Teach students to analyze business information to make strategic decisions and apply resource management skills to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Develop student critical thinking skills to apply professional standards to achieve personal and organizational objectives.
  • Develop student ethical standards to achieve personal and organizational objectives.
  • Teach students to apply the marketing process to achieve organizational objectives and utilize business technologies to perform workplace duties.
  • Teach students to apply project management principles to achieve organizational objectives.

Course Components:

The program features components as follows:

  1. Business Communications
  2. Managerial Accounting
  3. Business Law
  4. Human Resources Management
  5. Professional Selling/Customer Relations Management
  6. Business Strategy
  7. Marketing Research
  8. Introduction to Project Management
  9. Finance
  10. Business statistics

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The College maintains a professional setting by assuring a safe, respectable, and fair environment for all students and staff members. Students/Staff are required to support the academic and ethical standards of ABM College. Please note that ABM College does not provide immigration advising.

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