Legal Assistant Diploma Program

Legal Assistants are highly skilled professionals who aid lawyers on a wide range of legal matters. The Legal Assistant program at ABM College introduces students to the fundamentals of legal knowledge, terminology and procedures required to successfully perform the duties of a Legal Assistant.

This program focuses on the development of student skills and familiarity with legal office procedures, legal accounting, legal terminology, computer software skills, and strong keyboarding skills. Program emphasis is also placed on developing student communication skills and interpersonal skills. Lastly, our program prepares students for a variety of employment settings by covering many areas of law; these include corporate, criminal, family, litigation, real estate, wills and estate law.

Next start date: March 5, 2018

27 Weeks of in-class training – Approximately 540 hours

4 Week practicum – Approximately 160 hours

Program Outline

  • Transcribe correspondence and legal documents from digital recordings and handwritten notes
  • Take notes, minutes, and dictation
  • Review and proofread outgoing legal documents to ensure they are correct and that they comply with legal procedures
  • Co-ordinate the flow of information
  • Set up, maintain, and update a record management system
  • Handle daily law office procedures
  • Use word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software to prepare correspondence and legal documents
  • Career development through employment seminars, interview workshops and on-campus resume advisors
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint)
  • Industry specific instruction through courses such as legal office procedures, documentation and research, legal accounting, legal terminology, corporate law, business writing and communication
  • Practice legal office procedures, documentation and research andterminology
  • Learn family law, civil litigation and real estate and criminal law
  • Understand wills and estates, legal accounting, credit and collection law

Method of Learning

  • Self Directed
  • Online/Computer
  • Traditional Lecture

Who Should Enrol?

Students should consider a career as a Legal Assistant if they are interested in and would like to pursue a career within the legal system, but are not interested in practicing law or attending law school. Legal Assistants require excellent oral and written communication skills, the ability to accurately work in a fast paced environment, strong organizational and time-management skills, and the ability to work independently or as part of a team. This short program is designed to meet the needs of both students looking to start a career and foreign trained lawyers looking for experience in the Canadian legal system.

If you enjoy interacting with clients, conducting research, and are interested in the legal sector, act now by enrolling in our Legal Assistant program and taking the first step towards your new career!

Job Opportunities

  • Legal Firms
  • The Legal Departments of Large Corporations
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal Courts
  • Related Government Departments and Agencies (for example, land title offices)

Course Components

The course consists of a total 540 hours of classroom instructions in addition to 160 hours of internship as follows:

  1. Business Computer Application
  2. Keyboarding
  3. Legal Communications
  4. General Legal Office Procedures and Documentation
  5. Introduction to Canadian Law
  6. Law of Contract
  7. Law of Torts
  8. Litigation Law & Procedures
  9. Family Law & Procedures
  10. Residential Real Estate Law
  11. Corporate Law and Procedure
  12. Criminal Law and Procedure
  13. Immigration and Refugee Law
  14. Wills and Estate Planning
  15. Legal Research, Writing, Terminology and Interviewing
  16. Credit and Collection Procedures
  17. Legal Accounting
  18. Career and Employment Strategies
  19. Internship

Admission Requirements

Standard Admission

  • Minimum age for student is 18.
  • Alberta High School Diploma verified by transcript or non-Alberta equivalent.
  • Pass screening interview with College Admission department.

Mature Admission

  • Mature students must have been out of high school for at least 1 year and minimum age of 19.
  • Take ABM admission test (Wonderlic).
  • Pass screening interview with College Admission department. All students must pass the criminal background check.

For further information about our Legal Assistant program please contact an ABM College admissions counsellor.

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