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The 4 Ps of Marketing

Marketers use many different methods to summarize and explain the fundamentals of marketing, but one of the most prevalent is ‘The 4 Ps’. Known as the marketing mix by business managers, the four Ps are typically referred to as: product, price, … Read More

How to Survive a Recession

We have all heard the term “recession” lately and I know that some people are wondering, what does the term “recession” really mean and how does it affect us as Calgarians? A recession is when our economy’s growth decreases and … Read More

Who Will Care for Canada’s Elderly?

Seniors represent the fastest growing age group in Canada. The 2011 census reported that almost 15% of Canadians were 65 years or older, and this population is expected to double by 2036, while the number of those over 80 is expected to quadruple … Read More

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