The 5 Benefits of Attending a Career College

benefits of attending a career college

With the fall of the oil and gas industry, several Canadians are looking for new career opportunities; however, not everyone has the time and capital to invest in a four year degree program.

If this is descriptive of your situation, you should consider the benefits of attending a career college – to help make this process easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top five benefits of attending a career college.

Short Program Length

Many career colleges offer programs that range from six months to a year; this allows individuals to change career paths in a short amount of time, without having to sacrifice too much time or money.

Job-Specific Training

The programs at career colleges offer technical training which allows you to acquire a narrow set of skills that are specific to a certain job.  In contrast, differentiating educational institutions provide you with a set of professional skills that can be used in several job positions.

Smaller Class Sizes

Career colleges have smaller class sizes because they generally operate on a smaller scale with a student-teacher ratio of 8-1; this will assist in the formation of a personalized learning environment that will help you excel.

Intake Frequency

Unlike some post-secondary institutions that have a single yearly student intake, many career colleges offer frequent student intakes throughout the year; this provides you with the advantage of starting your program immediately, bringing you one step closer to a new career!

Cost of the Program

Dependent on the program that you are enrolling in, the cost associated with attending a career college could be significantly less than that of a degree program.

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