Featured Program: Health Care Aide

Are you seeking an exciting career in the health care industry? If so, then our Calgary Health Care Aide program may be just the thing for you!

In the past health care aides received their training on-the-job; however, due to recent increased regulation in the health care environment employers may only hire Health Care Aids that have obtained an approved Certificate. It has now become standard practice for Health Care Aides to receive the Alberta Health Program through an accredited College.

The Health Care Aide program at ABM College trains its students to identify and respond to patients’ emotional and physical needs. Students learn the basics of human anatomy, medical terminology, chronic conditions, and palliative care. This intensive program provides both academic health care knowledge and practical experience through a 5 week practicum experience in a health care facility.

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opening quotation marksI found this school on the internet, and came across great reviews about all of the programs offered. As soon as I started studying here, I didn’t find it hard at all to adjust to a new environment as the staff and students are so kind, knowledgeable, and welcoming.closing quotation mark

opening quotation marksThe practices and principles taught in the healthcare aide programs have definitely helped in my practical life. Picking up a new skill was made easier because of the understanding that the concepts don’t change, just the method of implementing them.closing quotation mark

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